Appletree Capital Ltd. is an independent sponsor or a "fundless sponsor" of private equity transactions in which it will initiate the acquisition while retaining an equity interest in the acquired entity.

Our business is to grow and nurture companies and, as they mature and develop, "pick from the tree" those companies we believe are ripe for a sale, merger, or public offering. Appletree's team is comprised of professionals with backgrounds in private equity, investment banking, investment research, and experience at the operating level. We are skilled in working with entrepreneurs, because we are entrepreneurs ourselves.

We understand the challenges of operating and financing early stage and lower middle market companies and expanding existing ones, because we have done it ourselves.

As part of its investment activities, the Appletree can provide a full range of financial advisory services to client companies, including strategic planning, mergers and acquisitions, capital formation, financial restructuring, business operations/management, and general financial advisory services.

We have been involved with companies in the consumer products, restaurant and retail sectors. Appletree is currently sponsoring a retail grocery consolidation/roll-up entity, Supermarkets Plus LLC (single purpose fund) to acquire medium-size retail grocers with the opportunity to increase cash flow and EBITDA through acquisitions with an experience group of retail managers.

We are passionate about what we do and invite your inquiries!